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About Me


Hi! I love to photograph people, pets, nature, and sporting events using natural light. Creating images that help people relive their special events and occasions vividly is what I aim for.  I am passionate about helping people,  making people laugh and smile, and love to capture all of this in my photos.


When I am not doing a photo shoot or teaching a fitness class, I am spending time with my husband and our 4 legged child, Walter.  We spend time traveling, in the outdoors, and of course taking a ton of pictures of everything we do.  Along with being passionate about photography I am also passionate about health and wellness and am a certified personal trainer and personal fitness chef.


I learned my photography skills while in college. I was the photo editor of my college newspaper, and took as many photography classes as I could.  I spent many years as a summer camp director and was our main photographer.  My photos were used in our promotional materials and social media.



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